Triumph Sweeper Foosball Table Review

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Pros:  No dead spots, has leveling feet

Cons:  Handles slip off consistently, not high quality, short in height

Bottom line:  Mediocore quality, easy on the pocketbook

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Manufacturer:  Triumph

Triumph Sweeper Foosball Table Review

At this point, consumers are probably sick and tired of all the foosball and soccer tables out there claiming that they’re the best in the market. The Triumph 48” Sweeper Soccer Table is no exception, but hey, we’re here to give an unbiased review if it’s really worth the buy or if you should just ignore it and move on to a much better option.

According to the description provided by the manufacturer, the Triumph 48” Sweeper Soccer Table provides a fast-paced soccer experience on a solid and “stylish” table. They also claim that it’s perfect for any gathering because it’s full of action and excitement that your guests can enjoy. Apparently everyone is just reeling to play on the Triumph 48” Sweeper soccer table.

The table has eight steel rods with ergonomic grips to make sure that you’re comfortable while competing. There’s also a ball return—which, frankly, doesn’t even need to be advertised at this point because it’s most likely mandatory for a foosball table to have this. Unless it’s a disposable table where the game ends if someone scores. Same goes for the manual scorers. In all seriousness, it’s a bit suspicious that they feel the need to advertise these features when they can be found in almost all foosball tables in the market. So what does the Triumph 48” Sweeper Soccer Table really have over everything else? Let’s find out.


Analysis and Findings


The Triumph 48” Sweeper Soccer Table total surface area is 55 inches, with 48 of it dedicated to gameplay. It seems sturdy enough and can probably fit in your home. The manufacturer claims that they designed the table to be durable and features some pretty sleek chrome detailing and the player rods look very stylish as well with their chrome plating and a fancy looking metal edging. And not skimping back on all the chrome, the leg casters and support beams are also covered in it. It’s not all about looks though, since the table has some pretty solid strength to it, adding points to durability during aggressive gameplay.

The Triumph 48” Sweeper Soccer Table has the traditional rows of players that you can see on other tables, however, they look more like the pawns on a chess game than other robotic style players. It also has an abacus scoring system to keep tabs on who’s winning the game. The table’s rods are casted in metal and include sturdy bearings that can help with smoother spinning action. The leg levelers also provide great balance to the whole table and are pretty tough and solid for its price point. The ball returns are also located in convenient locations on both ends of the table, plus the abacus-style scoring provides some authenticity to the gameplay.

You have the option to choose between a one or three goalie design for the table. You’ll get eleven foosball men lining up on each of the two teams. You also have the option to install some cup holders on your table if you want something that’s a bit surprising for a table of this price.

The Triumph 48” Sweeper Soccer Table has the traditional rows of players that you can see on other tables, however, they look more like the pawns on a chess game than the usual robotic style players. It also has an abacus scoring system to keep tabs on who’s winning the game. Another thing that this table boasts about is that fact that it’s made from plastic, rubber, steel, and wood. Despite the cheap price, they did a good job with the materials that they’ve used.



As mentionted above, the players of the Triumph 48” Sweeper Soccer Table look more like chess pawns rather than robo-style soccer players that you can see everywhere. The 48-inch playing field has a greenish black coat, which frankly can hurt the eyes a bit because of how high-contrast it is. Then again, this might be a better choice considering that the table’s hollow steel rods are chrome-plated—it gives the whole thing balance. Speaking of the rods, they’re equipped with ergonomic rubber handles that have excellent control.

As per usual, manual scorers can be located on both goal boxes on the table. The ball return is automatic and the entry mechanism isn’t that difficult to figure out, so be rest assured that you’ll be getting continuous gameplay. To be honest, the leg levelers look a bit too tough, but they do the job properly. Why would you want a foosball table that doesn’t have leg levelers? That’s just asking for a more frustrating kind of game.

Seeing the table, you wouldn’t expect it to cost less than a hundred bucks. It looks sleek. It has a sophisticated and elegant look to it. It could be placed in whatever room in your house and it’ll match everything else because of its black finishing and metal detailing. Despite the price point, you just have to applaud Triumph for not making this table look cheap. Everyone would expect something that affordable to look just like a generic plastic toy, but the classy design of it says otherwise.


Okay, let’s admit the fact that it’s cheap. So despite all the good things said about it, you have to accept that it will probably fall apart after several years. However, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for the table. So even if it does fall apart, you’re all set. The table may not be exactly durable, but having that lifetime warranty is enough to make some buyers take the leap on this bad boy.


Pros and Cons


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Doesn’t take too much space.
  • Variable goalie setup.
  • Excellent customer service – When you send an email to their helpdesk, they don’t send back a generic response. They will answer your questions so long as it’s within office hours


  • Players aren’t that counterbalanced – Something that could get frustrating because it could ruin your strategy
  • Assembly instructions not clear – Assembly time took longer than expected thanks to very vague instructions
  • Conclusion and Recommendation

    The Triumph 48” Sweeper Soccer Table is great for beginner players or just someone who wants a foosball table in their game room, but is not willing to spend an arm and a leg. It does provide an excellent gaming experience, and along with the lifetime warranty, isn’t exactly a bad investment to spend money on. Triumph knows how to create a table without making people spend more than a thousand dollars on it, but most types of foosballer should take a look at the other options on the market.