Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table Review

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Pros:  Easy to move, can play anywhere, very affordable

Cons:  Sturdiness is questionable, heavy play can break legs, wears easily from heavy use

Bottom line:  Great table for the price. Portable play anywhere design, but not going to last you a lifetime.

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Manufacturer:  Sport Squad

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table Review

The Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table is made to provide fun and excitement for people, whether they’re kids who want to kill some time or adults who want to let some steam off.

It’s compact and pretty neat looking despite its size. You’d be surprised to find out that this small fry actually provides the same competitive play as the full-sized and more expensive foosball tables in the market.

Shots are as strong and fast thanks to chrome-plated steel rods and the rubber handles are ergonomic and will perfectly fit your hands. The field is made out of medium-density fiberboard instead of the usual particle board and plastic (which, frankly, are pretty cheap but commonly found in more expensive tables).

Another surprising thing about the Sport Squad FX40 are the L-shaped legs that have been fortified to handle hours of aggressive game play. These legs are also equipped with non-marking rubber pads so your precious floors or furniture won’t get scratched beyond recognition.

The plastic players are molded out of durable plastic that give you accuracy during play. Corner shots can be tough to do, so the FX40 gets rid of that dilemma by having a 3-man goalie design. There are sliding scoring systems located on each end of the table to help players determine who’s winning. Not bad if you’re settling a bet with someone!


Analysis and Findings

A lot of people tend to scoff at tabletop foosball games because they don’t think it can provide them with the same experience as the full-sized and more expensive ones. It’s usually not the case, especially with the Sport Squad X40. It’s an awesome gift for the kids in the family, or for someone who dreams to have a game room, but actually only has a spare corner in their house. It’s an option that you should look at if you want something that’s affordable and still give you an awesome time. If you’re a bit competitive, then the FX40 is perfect for you and give you the bang for your buck.

However, despite the same experience with a full-sized table, it’s not made for people who play foosball seriously or for those who join tournaments. This is for casual gameplay, not for winning awards and prizes. You’re looking for more expensive models that eat up a whole lot of space. But hey, if you only have a tiny area to spare at home and you just want something that your kids can play with, and then go for the FX40.



The Sport Squad FX40 looks cute but definitely packs a punch. At 40” x 20” x 8” and weighing at only 16 pounds, you can just place it top of your dining table after hosting dinner, and voila, you have some after-dinner entertainment for your guests. However, if you really want to place it in a more permanent area, then you can just install its four legs and put it in your preferred area. It gives you the chance to adjust the height of the table, depending on who’s going to play. Make it shorter for the kids, or taller for the adults. Also, since this is more of a light-sized foosball table, you might not enjoy it that much if you’re an experienced player. Due to the size, it’s highly recommended for those who have very limited space, or even a limited budget.



For something that costs less than a hundred dollars, it has a pretty topnotch quality. It’s made of metal and solid manufactured wood. For its size and weight, it’s built to last and is pretty hardy. It can hold up against wear and tear. It has the durability of a full-sized foosball table thanks to the materials used to manufacture it. The player rods alone are already made out of chrome-plated steel, and the surface is pure laminated manufactured wood. Also, assembly is pretty easy and it has tight fittings, making sure that the table doesn’t fall apart in the middle of a game.


Aesthetics-wise, the FX40 provides a pretty authentic experience in playing. It’s smaller, but it gives you the same experience as a full-sized table. It has telescopic rods, a manual scoring board, and well, two soccer balls. The blue and red design of the table is definitely an eye catcher. Also, the fact that you can adjust the height depending on the player makes it perfect for beginners and casual players.


According to some online reviews, assembly is pretty easy but it can eat up some of your time. There are a select few that did complain about this, but hey, you gotta spend some time on something before you get the desired results.



Depending on where you’re ordering the Sport Squad FX40, you can get discounts from its original price of $80-$90. Even if you do buy it for full price, you’re still getting great value for your money. It’s compact, it’s portable, and it’s budget friendly. It’s still too early for Christmas, but you can probably buy a couple of these now and just give them away as gifts. It’s that cheap and people will love you a whole lot for it. It’s worth the buy, especially for parents who just want their kids to have something fun to do at home aside from perusing technology 24/7.


We’ve discussed the pros of getting the Sport Squad FX40, but everything has its cons. It’s not much, but even if it’s a great addition to your home, it could provide some deal breakers. It’s not a good table to buy if you’re more of a hardcore gamer. This is more suitable for beginners or those who just want some casual gameplay in their lives.

You have to remember that this table might take 30-45 minutes to assemble, maybe even longer if you’re not someone who enjoys doing assemblies. You may also have to place it on another table to reach your preferred height, unless you’re a child, that is. This could be an issue, especially you have to use that other table for some other stuff—so you need a special place to keep the FX40 if it’s not being used to play.

People who have had the table for quite a while rave about how their kids have been enjoying the FX40 and how it might take a few years before they have to move on to a new table. It’s definitely not for experienced players, and not especially those who are hardcore when they play. Get a full sized foosball table for that.

Conclusion & Recommendations

The product is listed as being suitable for players aged seven years and above. That’s right. It’s so small that even a first grader can play it. The height is adjustable and you can lug it around anywhere. Even if you’re an adult, you can get one for your bachelor pad and play with it when you have friends over. Also, for moms and dads, this is better than buying an expensive foosball table that costs more than a thousand dollars only to have your kids stop playing with it after a few weeks.

In conclusion, for something that’s less than a hundred bucks, the FX40 definitely gives you more than your money’s worth. Some more expensive and lightweight foosball tables have the same features, if not some slightly increased capabilities. Buy this if it’s your first time or if you have a limited space and budget for a foosball table.