Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table Review

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Pros:  Can fit in small areas, fairly sturdy design, light and easy to move

Cons:  Balls often fly out after goals, must be places on a level surface, assembly can be a hassle

Bottom line:  This is a great table for kids and beginners. Reasonable price for the quality.

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Manufacturer:  Hathaway

Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table

Ever since technology made it possible to do everything on one gadget, people have become more stagnant. They spend their idle times at home in front of their smartphone or the TV. Did they suddenly forget that they have to be active and having a foosball table means that they can do that without leaving home? Well, the Hathaway Playoff foosball table can definitely remedy that. Based on the description from their website, they’re boasting about how affordable it is. At less than 200 bucks, then yep, it’s definitely in the spectrum of lower-priced foosball tables in the market. The table is made out of thick medium-density fiberboard and has a dual manual side scoring system. It also has some pretty awesome ball control and table action. Add to that the fact that it’s not the kind of foosball table that will hog a whole lot of space in your house.

Since most people tend to be concerned when something like a foosball table is cheap, it’s common for them to assume that it’s poorly made and wouldn’t last long. Thankfully, the folks at Hathaway are proud to reveal that they only used the best materials to make the Playoff. It’s way more durable than expected, but you might also have to tread carefully in certain areas. For example, the little players look a bit fragile despite being molded from ABS. But hey, you don’t have to expect too much from something that your kids can use, no?

It has a length of 4 feet, which makes it perfect if you have minimal space at home. If you’re a newbie when it comes to buying a table, don’t assume it to be a big one. You’d be shocked at how big full-sized foosball tables are. There’s a reason why some folks build their own seperate game rooms at home when they want to install a foosball table. The Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table isn’t the smallest in the market, but it’s actually quite lightweight compared to most. If you’re insanely strong, you can probably move it on your own, but for the average strength ones, two people will be required.


Analysis and Findings


Since it’s not as huge as other tables, kids can easily play with the Hathaway Playoff soccer table. It won’t exactly be last if adults play on it frequently. We have to accept the fact that because of the inexpensive price, we won’t be getting the kind of quality you’ll see in tables that are worth upwards of a thousand dollars.

Compared to more expensive models, only having a ¼” thick cabinet can pose problems in terms of being longevity. It ends up moving and shaking during gameplay, and well, these constant movements can lead to na reduction i the table’ life span. The steel rods included with this table have been known to bend easily when “adult” pressure is applied. Hand grips also are a problem area, as they tend to slip off often. The playfield isn’t as sturdy, so expect some warping after a while. However, so long as you’re not the type to abuse a table, you could definitely make this table last a couple of years with minimal breakage and damages.

With medium-density fiberboards being all the rage lately with newer models of foosball tables, it’s no surprise that the Hathaway Playoff has it as well. It has L-shaped legs that try to maintain the table’s stability during a game, although as mentioned aggressive play can cause wobbling.

The tubular steel rods are quite dependable for children ages 5-14. They will not bend as easily as other customers have attested to. The chrome rods in this model give it a flash of style and also prevent rusting over time. The handles for the rods are ergonomic and not made of something solid—a plus for those who get sweaty palms when playing foosball. If you start to have trouble with the handles try a bit a epoxy to secure them on. The automatic ball return also adds convenience. The manual scoring system is a bit old school, but it works all the same. You still get your score, so no complaints.



The Hathaway Playoff is adequate enough if you’re getting it for your kids or if you just want to play casually. While it does pack a punch, for the pricing, it’s not full-sized and it doesn’t boast the same features as more expensive models for experienced foosball players. It’s really the basic and simple model. Something to expect from an affordable table. What matters is that it has the standard features of a foosball table and it’s enough to provide you or your children with something to play. We have read complaints of table dead spots but on our playthrough we did not experience this issue.


Despite the flaws, the Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table can still provide you with a ton of fun and entertainment. If you take care of it well, you can get a few years from it. It’s well made for its price. Just don’t expect too much from something if you play with it like you want it to break into pieces.



The Hathaway Playoff soccer table measures 48 by 24 by 32 inches and weighs at around 51 pounds. The play surface is made out of ¼” thick medium density fiberboard. It is 40.5 inches long and 23 inches wide. The sides have graphics of spectators and if you’re a sucker for authenticity, you’d love to hear that the field is made to look like as if it’s covered in turf grass. The L-shaped legs of the table are reinforced and provide full support for the end panels. Also, the steel rods are chrome plated and fitted with rubberized handles. The players are molded from ABS and are configured in a 3 goalie formation. There’s also an automatic ball return and a manual scoring system.

Given its size, the Hathaway Playoff is obviously made for younger players. While the graphics are superb, it’s still something that you can commonly see in tables for amateur players. Why so? Because more expensive foosball tables go for a classier look by eliminating graphics altogether and just going for a wood or steel finish. Props for the humanoid players though, the black and green complement each other well.

Pros vs. Cons


  • It’s portable thanks to its size. You can lug it around to wherever you want, just maybe not inside the shower. You wouldn’t want to get this table wet.
  • Setup is relatively quick, might take an hour at most, even for inexperienced builders.
  • No need for any kind of preparation once assembly is finished. You can just play and have fun in an instant.


  • Some buyers revealed that when the ball enters the return compartment forcefully, it could literally shoot out of the table. Seems like an issue with a select few tables.
  • It doesn’t come with levelers. You have to make sure that you’re putting the Hathaway Playoff on a flat ground if you want to ensure fair play.

Conclusion and Recommendations

All in all, the Hathaway Playoff soccer table is a pretty solid foosball table for beginners and children. It does have some flaws that shouldn’t be deal breakers unless you’re an aggressive player. You don’t have to do special maintenance or repairs on it, but it’s highly recommended that you don’t use it with force or abuse it, lest you want it to break apart within months of getting it.

Perfect for parents who want to buy their kids a starter foosball table or just someone who can push the budget over $200. It’s great if you have a limited space and if you’re tall enough, you can play with it. No need to place it in a game room or a special area since it’s not that large