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Best Deadlift Shoes 2017: Gym Beginner or Weightroom Monster?


The best pair of shoes for the job is usually the one that you can easily forget about when you’re putting in the work. That only happens when you’re wearing shoes that fit correctly. If a pair of shoes is the right fit, then you aren’t going to be distracted by discomfort. It also makes the experiences just a little more enjoyable, deadlifting is hard enough without having to fight against your shoes. We will try and point out if a shoe runs small or large, so you know what size to buy. Shoe sizing can vary with regards to the shoe as a whole and specific areas, some shoes have open toe boxes and yet still run narrow in the middle. While we can point out irregularities, we can’t say which shoes will fit your feet in particular, so take the time to consider your feet and what they need from shoes in order to feel comfortable. When in doubt you should measure your feet with a tape measure and use a size chart published by the shoe’s manufacturer to see if it will fit you.