Carrom Signature 55-inch Foosball Table

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Price: Varies from $730 – $995 online    Compare at 4 sellers

Pros:  Contains a set of counterbalanced men, angled ramps on the sides to eliminate dead spots, cup holders, made in the USA

Cons:  Playing field can float if not fastened properly

Bottom line:  Great table for a man cave or party room that receives a good amount of use. Great for the above average, but not quite professional player.

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Manufacturer:  Carrom

Hathaway Playoff Foosball Table

The Carrom Signature 55-inch foosball table is overall a solid quality gaming table. This along with its many features are the reason why it’s been getting rave reviews online. If your house has a game or recreation room/area, you can definitely use it as a wonderful addition for entertainment. It’s lauded for its versatility and gameplay.

The foosball table comes in four different colors that you can choose from to match your walls. It comes in Moroccan Fresco, Burr Oak, and Emerald Santos. It’s stylish and it provides you with color options if you’re a person who wants everything in their house to complement each other. Sure, the color of your unit doesn’t matter when it comes to how you play with it, but sometimes aesthetics play a big role when choosing a foosball table. If you want fast and accurate gameplay, then you can go with this. It’s not as if you’re playing or practicing for a tournament—the Carrom Signature 55-inch foosball table is already enough for casual and fun gaming.


Analysis and Findings


The cabinet of the Carrom Signature foosball table is made out of manufacture wood that’s 1-inch thick. It’s resistant to warping and approximately weighs around 177 lbs. You might think that it’s too heavy, but in reality, the weight says a lot about how the materials used to build it are high quality. The foosball table is also built to last, as evident from the strong, hollow steel rods. The playing surface is quite thick and the screen-printed graphics on it are enameled, which protects it from wear and tear. It’s also made in the USA, so you can be confident that everything is high standard and the materials used aren’t cheap.

The table comes with a warranty good for one year, but would you really need that warranty, considering that it’s pretty darn durable at its price? Sure, it’s not unheard of for foosball tables to be strong and made to last, but most of them are priced at $1000 and above, unlike the Carrom Signature foosball table.


There are instances when an expensive foosball table doesn’t have smooth gameplay thanks to not having counterbalanced players. There are products that are more expensive than the Carrom Signature that lacks this feature. Why is it important? Because more advanced players prefer having the feature as it keeps their men horizontal and it gives them more space for their shots. Additionally, it also provides them better control of the rods. It’s amazing that the designers for Carrom’s table were considerate enough to keep this feature in mind.

Another thing about the Carrom Signature foosball table is that its weight and the thickness of its cabinet provide excellent stability. You can play as aggressively as you’d like and the table will stay put. The surface, leg supports, and levelers also gives an even surface for playing, albeit there are some customer reviews online saying that even if the table is excellent, there’s still some dead spots to watch out for.

The table’s hollow steel rods are high quality, light, and are smooth. They provide a faster and better gameplay, aside from being made to last. It’s everything that you want in a table if you’re an advanced foosball player. The sidepieces of the table are also angled to make sure the ball doesn’t get stuck in random spots.

The handles are made out of natural wood and aside from being stylish, give comfort and control to players. Another thing that you may not like about the table (but most likely not a deal breaker) is the fact that the ball returns are located on the ends, instead of being on the sides. If you’re fidgety about ball retrieval, this might be something that you should consider.

As with other foosball tables, the Carrom Signature comes with two sets of players. One of the sets consists of painted players, and the other is more robotic in style. There are also configurations available if you want one or three goalies. Having one goalie is for those who want more challenge, and having three is for the beginners or just want a quick game. Again, not a lot of tables have a feature like this.

And well, if you’re someone who likes having a couple of drinks here and there while playing, the table comes with four cup holders.



What use is your foosball table if it doesn’t look good? The Carrom Signature 55-inch foosball table comes in Moroccan Fresco, Burr Oak, and Emerald Santos. Usually, tables only come in two colors, so having three options to choose from is quite surprising. Then again, more and more people are getting picky about colors. The Moroccan Fresco and Burr Oak choices look highly sophisticated with their black legs and the levelers in chrome. As for the Emerald Santos, well, it’s perfect if your favorite color is green.


What sets it apart from the rest?

Built to last – this is a one of a kind table that can take whatever abuse it’ll get during competitive play. Legs are sturdy and are built with levelers. Support tubes also provide added stability.

Gameplay – The table has self-lubricating thick rods that make action and movement easier. It also has maximum accuracy for players.

Variety of options – Having three different options for the colors is a complete advantage over other tables. You can choose what can complement the room that you’re putting it in.

Size – 55-inches is quite big, but it’s great for providing you with an excellent foosball playing experience. It’s not just for recreation, but for competitive playing as well.


  • The aesthetics – Let’s all agree that this is one stylish foosball table. It’s a great conversation piece for your friends and family. Heck, it’s perfect to put in the center of your recreation room.
  • The durability – It’s built to last. Every material is high quality and additionally, all the engineering and mechanical features make it obvious that Carrom definitely wanted to sell something that gives customers bang for their buck.
  • Gameplay – The table is tough, probably one of the toughest in the market right now. You can let your friends let off steam by playing or have them play aggressively against each other and the table would still look as good as new.
  • Extra features – Let’s admit that having cup holder on all four sides of the table is pretty cool.


  • It’s huge – Yes, having a 55-inch surface area for playing might be cool to look at, but it’s pretty big. And when something that’s made to last has huge dimensions, it’s bound to weigh a whole lot as well. It’s 180 pounds, larger and heavier than other tables out there. Moving it is difficult, so make sure that you put it in a place where it can stay for a long time.
  • Assembling the table – When you receive the table, it’s completely deconstructed. You need to assemble it or at least have someone who has an Ikea-level of expertise in building furniture around when you get it. The instructions for assembly are quite detailed, but seriously. It eats up a lot of time and energy.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Carrom’s website indicates that the table is not a toy and shouldn’t be used by anybody under 13 years of age. Setting that aside, the table is perfect for both beginner and advanced players—so long as they’re 13 years old above, of course.

It’s quite a large table, so it’s perfect if your game room is quite huge. Moving the table could be an issue if you have limited space. Well, with great durability comes great size. If you’re setting up, make sure it’s where you want the table to be for a long, long time. If you’re using this for your business or an office break room, make sure you have some elbowroom available. Measure the area where you want to put it in or else your players won’t enjoy using it at all.

So, if you have a small area or a home that has a limited space, then this might not be the greatest choice for you. The Carrom Signature is pretty large and heavy. You might end up getting it and then realizing that it could barely fit through your front door. It weighs 180 pounds, so you can’t just easily move it by yourself unless you’re insanely strong for a human being.

The Carrom Signature 55-inch Foosball Table is an excellent choice if you want something that’s worth your money. It’s durable and stable. Even if it’s pretty huge, it also gives you an excellent gaming experience—just make sure you have the area to keep all of that awesomeness.