Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table Review

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Pros:  Has steel parts, adjustable legs, sturdy

Cons:  Prone to dead areas

Bottom line:  Affordable adult oriented foosball table.

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Manufacturer:  Atomic

Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table Review

The Atomic Pro Force foosball table is built for active play. It’s high quality and by the looks of it, can provide you with fast-paced gameplay. No need to leave your house to get competitive. This intimidating piece of awesomeness is enough. It doesn’t have eye-popping colors or seizure-inducing LED lights, that’s why it looks intimidatingly stylish. You could put this table anywhere, including the office break room. Why? Well, it has a laminated bamboo side surface, with a medium density fiberboard playing surface. It also includes the standard features of every awesome foosball table out there. It has chrome plated steel rods with ergonomic rubber handles, a manual scoring system, and a built-in ball return. The players aren’t the usual generic soccer men, but rather, they’re robots. Who doesn’t like robots?!

At the moment, you can find the Atomic ProForce foosball table at several online retailer for a steal. And most sites will give free shipping along with it. You’re probably saving almost $150, but it wouldn’t be surprising if you find it out of stock asap. There’s no saying if the price will rise, but if you really want it, read through this review first before adding it to cart.


Analysis and Findings


Since the Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table is under $500, you shouldn’t really expect it to last decades. A few years, maybe. But decades? Well, foosball isn’t exactly akin to a game of chess. Here’s a tip: If a foosball table weighs less than a hundred pounds, it’s bound to not last long. While this one is at 108 pounds and is pretty solid, it’s still not something that you should count on for a lifetime. I’m pretty sure you can outlive this bad boy.

The cabinet is made out of 1” medium density fiberboard. The thickness is pretty standard, but the MDF has pretty questionable quality. Some reviews online say that it seems like it’s made out of cheap material that breaks and cracks when screws are inserted. You’re paying less than $500, so if you’re expecting a solid oak cabinet, you may be dissapointed. Another review mentioned something about how the black veneer was peeling off and they had to re-glue it. They also had to use black duct tape to stop the peeling.

One redeeming quality is that the robot-style men on the playing field are chunkier and sturdier compared to the table’s cabinet. Also, the hollow steel rods with chrome finish are pretty standard for all foosball tables and are rust resistant.

It’s good to know that they didn’t hold back when it comes to making the playing field more durable. It’s ½” compared to the 3/8” of more expensive tables.



While we’re all concerned about the durability of this table, we still can’t discount the fact that it’s pretty solid for its price. At 108 pounds, it’s good for children and teenagers—players who probably won’t beat the table to a pulp. Grown adults would probably wreck this in an instant, but is pretty stable for younger players.

It’s also good to know that reviewers applaud it for being a leveled foosball table, with no dead spots to be found. The table comes with levelers and the sides have buffers installed on them so that the ball bounces around and is continuously in play. Imagine being in the middle of an amazing game only to discover that there’s a freaking dead spot. Thankfully, that’s not an issue with the Atomic Pro Force foosball table. The hollow rods are also pretty light, making gameplay much faster. The only bad thing about these is that there aren’t any ball bearings to help with smooth operation. Not an issue if the players are beginners.

And we’re all used to having ball returns on the sides, so you might find it a bit weird to find a table that has ball returns on the ends instead. You have to reach around before retrieving a ball. So yes, this one has a ton of issues if you’re a more advanced player. If you’re buying it for a kid, then go ahead—it’s perfect for beginners.


Durability issues aside, the Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table have pretty awesome aesthetics. The wood finish makes it look traditional, while the black legs provide a sleek and modern touch. While the black surface of it looks nice, the black players don’t really stand out with that colorway.


  • It’s cheap. For its price, you wouldn’t expect too much from it, considering that it’s built for beginners. Some less sturdy tables are more expensive at $500 and up, so the Atomic Pro Force definitely has you covered.
  • There are no dead spots thanks to the levelers. You’ll have a more seamless gameplay because of it. Also, the table doesn’t wobble too much during a game.
  • Great for kids. It’s safe and stable, making it an awesome starter foosball table for your kids. There’s no risk of injury, unless your kid bangs their head on the table, that is.


  • Assembly time apparently takes around 3 hours. Also, the wood cabinet has veneers that flake when screws are inserted.
  • The colors aren’t as eye-catching as expected

Conclusion & Recommendations

The Atomic Pro Force is designed for younger players and beginners. You still get the bang for your buck. It’s not exactly a top tier table so it’s still quite affordable. Go ahead and buy it if you really want something to play with casually, or as the perfect Christmas gift for the kiddos. If you’re serious about foosball, then take a look at something a little more premium.